Chromosomal Location of Genes

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Thu Mar 21 08:58:29 EST 1991

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> Does anybody know of a reasonably up to date reference or computer database
> containing a list of the chromosomal locations of human genes?
The Human Gene Mapping Conferences HGM 10, HGM 10.5 are the most up to date
reference for this type of information. These are published as issues of
Cell and Cytogenetics by S.J. Karger.

An even better source for the very latest information is the Genome DataBase 
GDB maintained at the HHMI which is available to the mapping community. This 
has recently become accessable in the UK as part of the HGMP and is an easy
to use database providing information not only on gene location but on 
probe availability etc.

I hope this is of some use,

Andrew King

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