Chromosomal Location of Genes

Thu Mar 7 22:12:31 EST 1991

> Does anybody know of a reasonably up to date reference or computer database
> containing a list of the chromosomal locations of human genes?

You might try the HGML and/or OMIM databases described in LIMB, available
by e-mail viz
        From: NETSERV at EMBL.bitnet
        Subject: Automatic response to : GET LIMB:LIMB.TXT
        Subject: Automatic response to : GET LIMB:LIMB.NDX

Apparently both are accessible online (HGML by e-mail too).  For info, 
check the persons in the 'acc.x' fields...

Hope it helps,
Tom Easton

-------- abbreviated from LiMB.TXT
entry       HGML
acc.nam     Dr. Iva Cohen
acc.add     Human Gene Mapping Library
            25 Science Park
            New Haven, CT 06511
            U.S.A.     (203) 786-5515     genesic at yalevm.bitnet
entry       OMIM
acc.nam     Dr. Bonnie Maidak
acc.add     1830 E. Monument St., Third Floor
            Welch Medical Library
            Baltimore, MD 21205
            U.S.A.     (301) 955-9656     bonnie at

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