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Does anyone on the list have an interest in exploring/joining the following
In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology Consortium? If so, please respond to
me directly.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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---------------------------- IVCBB Consortium -----------------------------

[City, State Zip]

Dear Dr. [Name]

The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute and the State
University of New York at Plattsburgh have recently completed the
framework for establishing an In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology
Consortium (IVCBBC).

We invite you and your faculty to consider becoming a member of the
IVCBBC.  I have enclosed a copy of a Memorandum of Understanding as
well as other supporting materials for your consideration and evaluation.
It is our hope that this will bring about collaborative efforts in
education and research between our institutions in the near future.

Should there be any questions or if you or your faculty need additional
information, please call me at (518) 846-7144 or contact me via EMail
and your faculty find the enclosed IVCBBC Memorandum of Understanding 
acceptable, please have an appropriate official of your institution
sign it and return it to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  We plan to have a meeting at
Miner Institute in the near future with representative member(s) from 
participating institutions.  I hope to hear from you and your colleagues 
concerning this matter and hopefully your participation in the IVCBBC.

Sincerely yours,

William D. Graziadei, Ph.D.
Coordinator, IVCBB Program
Professor of Biology



          William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute
                   SUNY College at Plattsburgh
               [insert name of college/university]

We have a vast reservoir of knowledge, expertise, and physical
facilities in the areas of cell and molecular biology located on
campuses of public institutions such as SUNY, private colleges,
and the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute.  There
are several colleges/universities within a very short driving
distance (less than 3-4 hours) of SUNY Plattsburgh and Miner

Therefore, we have an ideal opportunity to create an IN VITRO CELL
Miner Agricultural Research Institute, SUNY Plattsburgh, and other
colleges/universities.  With careful planning, networking, teamwork,
and sharing, we have the unique opportunity to create an educational
experience for students to learn and practice extensively the process
of science in the areas of cell and molecular biology.  It is intended
that this experience will extend far beyond textbooks and journals and
reach into the real life world of contemporary scientific exploration.

In response to an acute need of cell/molecular biology, biotechnology,
and tissue culture science professionals in demand by research, clinical
and commercial laboratories everywhere, the State University of New York
at Plattsburgh implemented an innovative program in In Vitro Cell Biology
and Biotechnology (IVCBB).  The program was developed as a collaborative
effort by the SUNY College at Plattsburgh, its Department of Biological
Sciences and the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute in
Chazy, NY.  The IVCBB research training experience, which is certified
by the Tissue Culture Association, Inc., is designed to combine the
skills and knowledge of a number of disciplines in the biological
and physical sciences and to provide opportunity for students to
acquire proficiencies that will help them to achieve their career
objectives.  As many as 18 students participate in up to 15 credit
hours of research training at Miner Institute.  The schedule
typically consists of laboratory work supplemented by lectures
for between eight and ten hours daily for one entire semester of
study and training.  Faculty from various universities, research
institutes, federal and state agencies, and industry participate
in the instruction of the program.  Some of the major areas
covered in the program are: plant and animal cell biology including
organ, tissue and cell culture; cell separation, cloning, cryopre-
servation, and fusion; recombinant DNA technology.  Speciality
areas include microscopy and photomicroscopy, microcomputers, cyto-
genetics, immunobiology, hybridoma technology, and virology. (see
Appendices A & B)

Applicants who have completed the following Prerequisite Courses:
Microbiology, Genetics, and Biochemistry with reasonable performance
and upon recommendation from faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh and [insert 
college/university name] may enroll in the course(s).  The following
course designations are offered through SUNY Plattsburgh at the Miner 
Center of the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute:

Bio 490  In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology  15 credits  Lecture/
or one or more of the following units:

Bio 491  Plant Cell Biology                      3 credits  Lecture
Bio 492  Animal Cell Biology                     3 credits  Lecture
Bio 493  Molecular Biology                       3 credits  Lecture
Bio 494  Biotechnology, Research, & Seminar      6 credits  Laboratory

With the above course and credit hour options, students have the 
flexibility to take the course as one complete unit for 15 credits,
four units for a total of 15 credits, or one or more units of interest
for the specified credits. This approach maintains the educational
philosophy of continuity and the dynamic aspects of the development of
scientific competency and independence on the part of the students. Also,
it affords each student the flexibility for s/he to decide upon the
option(s) most suited to her/his liking as well as the ability to
substitute various segments for requirements and/or electives in their
major program.

The tuition cost is based on the current rates of State University of
New York for in-state and out-of-state students.  Room and board are
based on current rates of Miner Institute.  Students at any public or
private instituion  who have completed the prerequisite courses may apply
for admission to the program offered at Miner Center during their junior
or senior year or as a continuing education student.  A Visiting Student
Program is sponsored by the Association of Colleges and Universities of
the State of New York and was developed with the full support and partic-
ipation of the New York State Education Department and the Higher Education
Services Corporation. Any student enrolled at a participating college or
university in New York State may enroll at any other participating insti-
tution for up to one year.  As a visiting student whether a part of the
Visiting Student Program or not, students study at SUNY Plattsburgh/Miner
Center campus and get full credit toward the degree at their home campus.
They pay tuition, room and board, and fees charged by SUNY Plattsburgh and
Miner Institute.  Most state and federal student aid is transferable.

The William H. Miner Research Institute is located on the shores of
Lake Champlain in Chazy, NY, approximately 12 miles north of
Plattsburgh and the main campus of SUNY Plattsburgh (I-87, Exit
41).  The Institute's facilities include cell science laboratories, 
a seminar room and large auditorium, a 4,000 volume library, and 
residential and dining facilities for 40 students.  Students who 
actively seek employment and graduate school following graduation with 
courses taken at Miner Center have encountered little difficulty in 
finding opportunities with comparatively good starting salaries or stipends.

The purpose of the In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology Consortium
agreement is (1) to coordinate the education of students interested
in cell and molecular biology of the three institutions and (2) to
encourage collaborative instruction and research on each campus.
The joint program between the William H. Miner Agricultural Research
Institute, hereinafter referred to as "Institute", the State University
of New York College at Plattsburgh, hereinafter referred to as "SUNY
Plattsburgh", and the [insert name of college/university], hereinafter
referred to as "College/University", will have the following features:

1) Undergraduate, continuing education, and graduate students who have
completed a designed course of study of at least 2.5 years, which includes
microbiology, genetics, and biochemistry, approved by the Institute,
SUNY Plattsburgh, and College/University, will, upon application and
recommendation, gain admission to the In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology
(IVCBB) course(s) held each spring semester at the Institute.  The students
will attend the course(s) as visiting students from the College/University
or matriculating students of the College/University.

2) The IVCBB Program coordinator will provide to SUNY Plattsburgh and
College/University a final evaluation of a student's academic performance
in accordance with the academic policies of that institution.  Upon
satisfactory completion of the requirements of the IVCBB course,
SUNY Plattsburgh and College/University will award up to 15 credits which
will be applied towards the matriculated degree as appropriate for the
student's major area of study at the College/University.

3) The Institute and SUNY Plattsburgh will provide supervision, instruction,
facilities, and supplies for selected students from the College/University.
Tuition and fees will be paid by the student to SUNY Plattsburgh and room
and board fees to the Institute.  The IVCBB education and research training
program of study will be approved by the Institute, SUNY Plattsburgh, and

4) The College/University shall advertise the IVCBB courses in the official
College/University catalog as being sponsored under the auspices of the
Institute, SUNY Plattsburgh, and College/University.  It is desirable
to include a brief, but complete description of the courses, in the
official publication(s) of the College/University, and to distribute other
more detailed brochures, information, and application materials prepared
by the Institute and SUNY Plattsburgh to prospective College/University

5) In order to facilitate communication between the participating
institutions, a  faculty  member(s)  and/or  administrator  will
be designated by the College/University as  primary liaison, serving 
as an advisor to students in  the cooperative  program at the Institute
and adjunct faculty to the courses offered at Miner Center. SUNY Plattsburgh
and the College/University will confer non-salaried appointments of adjunct
faculty status in the  IVCBB Program  to the primary liaison person(s).
The cell  science facilities  at the  Institute will be made available to
adjunct faculty in support of their research.

   Approved by:

   William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute
   Chazy, NY  12921

   Signed: ______________________________

     Name: ______________________________

    Title: ______________________________

     Date: ______________________________

   State University of New York at Plattsburgh
   Plattsburgh, NY  12901

   Signed: ______________________________

     Name: ______________________________

    Title: ______________________________

     Date: ______________________________

   [insert college/university name]
   [insert college/university address]

   Signed: ______________________________

     Name: ______________________________

    Title: ______________________________

     Date: ______________________________

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