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Via:   UK.AC.EARN-RELAY;  Fri, 22 Mar 91 17:43 GMT (V40 at UK.AC.DARESBURY.DLGM)
Received: from UKACRL by UK.AC.RL.IB (Mailer R2.07) with BSMTP id 1145; Fri, 22
          Mar 91 17:11:52 GMT
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          1799; Fri, 22 Mar 91 17:11:52 GM
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Date:     Fri, 22 Mar 91 18:06:25 MEZ
Sender:   BIOSCI BioNews Bulletin Board <BIONEWS at EARN.IRLEARN>
From:     "< shit happens > Patrick Wolf" <SGL78 at EARN.DMSWWU1C>
To:       "(no name)" <Incoming-BIONEWS at UK.AC.DARESBURY>


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