Zeiss Microscope for sale

Kevin William Ryan kr0u+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Mar 19 13:08:59 EST 1991

    For sale as is by Biological Sciences Department at CMU:

Zeiss Photo III Frame including:
    Power supply
    One 35mm film cassette
    Film winder
    Power cord
Binocular tube model(12)
2-10X KPL eyepieces
Analyzer carrier
Condenser Carrier (short) with polarizer
Stage carrier
Rotating stage
Rotating phase and Nomarski condenser
1.4 NA top cap
3RS condenser
EPI insert
Auxilary stand
200W HBO reflected illumination
    200W HBO powersupply
    200W HBO lamphousing
    200W HBO lamp socket
12V 60W tungsten illuminator (transmitted)
Video tube
"C" mount adaptor

    Contact Dan Focht at focht at a.cfr.cmu.edu or (412) 268-6572 if interested
or for more information.  Please express any interest immediately, as we
wish to sell this microscope as soon as possible.

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