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PC120 at biology.cambridge.ac.uk PC120 at biology.cambridge.ac.uk
Mon Mar 25 08:07:49 EST 1991

I sent this to the INFO-GCG bulletin board at UTORONTO the other week, but
didn't receive any replies. I'm giving it another go here....

>Hi out there!

>I wonder if someone has a solution to this rather trivial problem....

>When I'm using SEQED compiling sequences of own constructs, e.g. new vectors
>or vector/insert constructs, there's one thing that annoys me.
>I haven't found out a straightforward way to include pieces of circular DNA
>that spans over nucleotide #0; the program gets a blackout when you try to
>include from, let's say 2435 to 29. It can of course be done in two steps,
>but if you are working with the reverse strand, it really exhausts my
>limited brain capacity to figure out where I am in the sequence and on
>which strand.

>Any advice?

>Dr. Peter Carlsson
>Dept. of Biochemistry
>Univ. of Cambridge

>When I have started enquiring, why not continue....

>Which algorithm is used to determine the isoelectric point in the
>PeptideSort program?

>Peter Carlsson, Biochemistry, Cambridge, UK.

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