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Those of you who remember 18 months ago when medical institutes around
Europe were sent copies of a disk purporting to contain an AIDS program,
but which wiped their disks, may be interested in the following from the
Independent newspaper on Saturday 9 March.

Computer blackmail charge

Bow Street magistrates have committed an American, Dr Joseph Lewis Popp,
for trial at Southwark Crown court on 11 counts of blackmail.

The charges arise in connection with the distribution, just before
Christmas 1989, of more than 10,000 copies of a computer diskette
containing information about AIDS.  It was alleged that the program on
the diskette caused messages requesting a usage fee to come up on
computer screens.  Some recipients are alleged to have suffered damage
to their computer systems.

Dr Popp appeared at Bow Street on Thursday following extradition from
the United States.

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