Two BIOLOGY Polish students ( soon) look for job.

Frodo Baggins frodo at
Mon May 6 19:27:00 EST 1991

This is a 'resume' from 2 Polish grad Biology students. They DON'T have 
a direct access to USENET, so I forward their message. If someone is 
interested, please contact me ("reply" to this message), or them directly  
on a Polish BITNET node (see the address inside the resume).
I'm posting this to job.misc, job.resumes and - maybe someone
has a suggestion where else may I post this stuff ?
                                                      Antek @ Binoc.Tamu.Edu
                        ANNA EWA ANGIELCZYK
                        DARIUSZ RUTKOWSKI
Home address:  Brazylijska 7 m 21
               03-966 Warszawa
               P O L A N D

Internet:       EWAG at PLEARN.PL <--- mail only !

Education:  Graduated students of Institute of Zoology
            University of Warsaw

            Ewa - Department of Ecology
                  Thesis: The effect of a black-headed gull breeding colony
                          on the vegetation of a sandy river island.
            Dariusz - Department of Hydrobiology
                  Thesis: The effect of fish predation on the abundance of
                          benthic invertebrates in lake littoral
        We both will get our degree in August.
Courses taken:

   both of us:  General Zoology            General Genetics
                General Botany             General Biochemistry
                Animal Physiology          Hydrobiology
                Plant Physiology           Study of biotopes
                General Ecology            Statistical methods in biology
                General Microbiology       Preservation of nature
                General Psychology         Community structure investigation
                Evolution                  Biology and ecology of water
                Analytical Chemistry                            invertebrates
                Organic Chemistry          Ecological forecasts
                Physical Chemistry         Two practical courses of field
                                                       methods in ecology
	Circulation of polutants in ecosystems
        Prey - predator relationships
        The basis of informatics
        Population biology
        Forest zoology
        Biological methods of sewage utilisation
        Mountain and lowland plant formations
        Ecology of zooplankton communities
        Biology and ecology of fishes
        Ecology of water plants
        Zoology of invertebrates
        Ecosystems productivity
Skills and interests:  Ecology of animals, especially hydrobiology, 
           population ecology, interspecific relationships, behavior and 
           evolutionary ecology. Both of us have experience in field work.
           Dariusz  - practice in skin diving.
           We would like to work together.
Activities:  Ewa - Field Chiropterology Group
             Dariusz - Skin Diving Club
Experience:  Summer 1990 we worked in the biomanipulation program concerned
               with restoration of the barrier lake in south Poland.
             Ewa - summer 1987 took part in field investigation of 
               black-headed gull breeding ecology.
             Dariusz - summer 1985 took part in Prof.Z.M.Gliwicz field
               investigation of zooplankton communities in alpine lakes of
               south Poland.

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