New Telecom 'Gakkai' in Japan

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Subject: New Telecom "Gakkai" in Japan
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Date: 29 May 91 06:13:17 EDT
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Subject: New Telecom "Gakkai" in Japan

  Who is who? and who does what? and who is where?  That has become
a very urgent issue to those who have been working in the field
of global networking for educational exchange here.  Countless
networks have linked thru various gateways besides expanding
rapidly like our universe.
  It has become next to impossible even for veteran networkers to know
how and what to get from whom.
  So I proposed to found an association ("Gakkai" in Japanese) in which
its members with different network backgrounds can share info on those
  Fortunately, I found 20 VANs (Very Active Networkers) who had had the
same idea and agreed to cooperate for the project.  Hence they built
its planning commitee.

  We have decided to have the first meeting to talk about how to start
the Gakkai in Tokyo on July 21. Though we may need to have more
members to start, it will be fairly easy since those 20 members are
cores of different networks.
  We have not come up with the naming of the association but it will
have such name as Japan Association of Telecommunication for
Global Education.

  Among key members:

    Takashi Suzuki  / Sysop of AURORA operated by Hokkaido Shimbun
    Takashi Suzuki  / Sysop of Interculture Forum of Nifty-Serve
    Greg Peterson   / Sysop of Notre Dam Wemen's College Network
    Toshihiro Tsubo / Sysop of APICNET (founded to link Asia Pascific
    Nozomu Sakuraba / sysop of KITAMI - MUSE
                      (local network in Hokkaido)
    Hillel Weintraub /  President of SMILE in Japan
    Yoshinori Naruse / Apple Link
    Satoshi Hagino   / Campus 2000, NACSIS
    Masahiko Nakaue  / founder of educational network of Hyogo
                       now assistant Prof of Mukogawa Women's college
    Marie Tada       / Kids Net of National Geographic Society
                       St. Mary International School
    Nobuo Hasumi     / sub sysop of STS(EDUCATION & SOFTWARE) of PC-VAN

* The association's office will be set up in the Global Commons Corp.
  which does APICNET operation as well.
* We contacted ICF (International Communication Fund - established
  by KDD) and might be funded for our operation in some way or other.

Our main purpose is to gather together to promote the international
education in Japan thru the modern miracle of telecommunication.

We will keep you informed of our development.

                                      Yoichi Tsuji

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