Aus. Quarantine Regulations

Geoff Kornfeld geoffk at
Wed May 1 23:06:15 EST 1991

We have received a letter from Genesearch (dated 23/4) asking us to sign the
accompanying quarantine declaration form. This states that any enzymes,anti-
bodies, products with BSA, kits, etc. will be:

        used for in vitro studies only
        will not be permitted to come into direct or indirect contact with
        domestic or native species of animals or plants
        will be handled with appropriate biohazard precautions if of human
        will not be transferred to a laboratory of any other institution
        without prior approval of the AQIS
        will be disposed of by autoclaving, chemical disinfection,incineration
        or deep burial.

We know of one other lab that has received this form. We have not received a
similar letter from any other supplier.

What we would like to know is:

        Has anyone else received this? What do they intend to do? Several of
the points are extremely vague and could make any molecular biology (near)

	Has anyone contacted AQIS about this? I would appreciate any responses
(of a useful nature).

						Geoff Kornfeld

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