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Robert Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Tue May 21 05:05:05 EST 1991

Here is a note from INFO-GCG, that might be of interest to Bionews
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In article <9105161510.AA02114 at>, "Frank J. Manion"
<manion at RELAY.FCCC.EDU> says:
>Could someone elaborate on the availability of the
> on news. We just started receiving news as a
>campus yesterday, and does not appear. Further, we
>checked several other campuses and they don't seem to have it either.
>(I beleive they all have full feeds). Rob Harper seems to indicate the
>group has been in operation for about a year.

INFO-CGC  is  gateway'ed   into  the  Usenet  feed  to   a  group  called  The gatewaying  is  done  here at
There are about  150 listserv groups gateway'ed into Usenet.  In order to
get  them, your  site  must get  the  bit.* hierarchy.  If  you have  any
questions about  the LISTSERV/NETNEWS (UseNet) gateway  functions, please
drop  me  a line.  For  questions  about  NETNEWS (reading  Usenet  under
VM/CMS),  including instructions  on how  to obtain  the package  free of
charge, send the command GET NETNEWS PACKAGE from LISTSERV at PSUVM. NETNEWS
was written by Linda Littleton at Penn State.

On Thu, 16 May 91 22:14:00 O "Robert Harper (CSC) Finland"
>If I run a header in NN I see that the feed most likely into
>USENET is at so make inquries from the
>postmaster there. I remember at one time all the bit.listserv
>newsgroups were unidirectional in that the messages came off the
>Listserv and went into Usenet and it was not possible to post
>back from Usenet to Listserv, which is why I still use the "old"
>method of posting directly to listserv. Still if you want
>just to conveniently read what is going on on INFO-GCG then
>a USENET feed is perhaps the best way to do it.

All LISTSERV/NETNEWS gateways  are now bi-directional. You  can both read
and post  in NETNEWS. Any  postings will  be distributed to  Usenet sites
getting the bit.* hierarchy, as well as to the LISTSERV list.

On Wed, 15 May 91 15:04:00 O
"Robert Harper (CSC) Finland" <HARPER at FINFUN.BITNET> said:
>I suspect it is a LISTSERV problem, and you are not alone it
>has been happening on BIONEWS, on RED-UG, and a few other
>lists. I would also like to point out that if INFO-GCG is read
>on USENET in the newsgroup then there
>are no duplicates which may explain why some people get them
>and others don't. I should say that it is asscociated with
>mailboxes rather than newsreaders.

There are no duplicates in because NETNEWS receives postings
from the LISTSERV with the FULLHDR option set on. This causes LISTSERV to
generate a message-id for each  post. Since the duplicate message problem
INFO-GCG  is  seeing  appears  to be  a  LISTSERV/LISTEARN  problem,  the
message-ids are retained. NETNEWS see the same message-id and rejects the
duplicate posting.
Jim McIntosh (jim at
The American University
Washington DC 20016-8019 USA
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Rob "a man is only as big as the thing that makes him angry" Harper

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