Linkage Analysis course

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Fri May 24 12:11:04 EST 1991

                         An introductory level course on

                          L I N K A G E   M A P P I N G

                                 to be taught by

                                Professor JURG OTT
                      Department of Genetics and Development
                        Columbia University, New York, NY

                                July 9 - 12, 1991
                                  Paris, France

        - An introductory level combined theoretical and practical course on 
          linkage analysis, using the most recently available linkage
        - Each student will have a personal computer for use during the
        - To be taught in English, with French/English bilingual assistants.

        DATE:  July 9th to 12th, 1991 (32 hours)

        COST: FFr 6000 (includes documentation and lunch daily)

        For further information and application forms contact:

		Bob Cottingham
        	Email: bc at

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