Invitation to contribute to a book

Cliff Pickover cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM
Wed May 15 15:43:02 EST 1991

Edited by Clifford A. Pickover

You are hereby cordially invited to submit manuscript to a book THE
graphic representation of DNA and amino acid sequences to help the human
analyst to find biologically interesting patterns.  I already have a
publisher in England (Science and Technology Letters) ready to publish
this as a book and also as a special issue of the journal "Speculations
in Science and Technology" -- with probable co-publication in the US by
an American publisher.  I also have the option of seeking another
publisher in the US, if you have suggestions.

Below is a list of the contributors who I will invite within the next
month, and I look forward to obtaining contributions from researchers not
on this list.  Feel free to forward suggestions to me of people I
might invite (with their addresses).

SHORT PAPERS ARE ENCOURAGED.  If you have a curious idea and graphic,
and just wish to spend a page or two explaining an interesting pattern,
this is acceptable.  All papers should have at least one black and white
figure.  The focus will be on graphics methods.  For now, plan on black
and white graphics only.  If interested in contributing, send me a
tentative title, brief abstract, and your address.  Final papers will be
due by September 1, 1991.

All papers will be refereed.  Since I am shooting for a broad audience,
please define technical terms when they are first used and give
sufficient background information.

People I will invite to contribute to the book:

1.  H. Joel Jeffrey, Northern Illinois University, "Chaos game
representation of gene structure."

2.  Ulrich Melcher, Oklahoma State University, "Puppy representations of

3.  Thomas Schneider, Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center,
"Genetic patterns as shown by sequence logos."

3. James Fickett, David Torney, David Wolf, Los Alamos National Lab,
"The large scale stochastic structure of DNA."

4. Gary Churchill, University of Washington, "Stochastic models for
heterogeneous DNA."

5. Susumu Ohno, Beckman Institute, "Musical representations of DNA"

6. Eugen Hamori, Tulane University, "H-curve representations of DNA."

7. R. Lathe and R. Findlay, Animal Breeding Research Organization,
"Cumulative line extension representations of DNA"

8.  K. Yamamoto and H. Yoshikura, University of Tokyo, "Novel displays
of RNA structure."

9. E. Steeg, University of Toronto, "Graphics of neural network
algorithms for RNA structure predictions"

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