New book for biocomputing/sequence analysis

KEN PETERS PHONE: 284-2139 peters at MAYO.EDU
Fri May 17 13:36:09 EST 1991

I just came across a soft cover book released this year that I wanted
to share with the biocomputing community.  I assume it has not been
mentioned here because so many of the contributing people on this network
have also been involved with the production of the book.  I feel that
this book, Sequence Analysis Primer, along with the Biocomputing Tutorial
book from Reinhard Doelz, will form a strong base for biocomputing and
sequence analysis applications and instruction here at our institution.

Sequence Analysis Primer offers background information, such as the principles
of the methods, common problems of beginners, and an example showing steps
for characterizing a new gene sequence.

The book could be a valuable reference for beginners and advanced users 
of sequence software.
Info on the book:

	Sequence Analysis Primer (c 1991)
	by Michael Gribskov and John Devereux
	Stockton Press, ISBN 1-56159-007-X (soft cover)

I have no connection with the book, its contributing authors, or publisher
other than a user and coordinator of the UWGCG programs here at our 
institution.  I have been a silent reader of the useful information I
have obtained on the network and wanted to make a contribution I felt could
be important to many people.

Ken Peters
Mayo Clinic Foundation
Rochester, Minnesota 55905

peters at

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