Sequencing Mycoplasma Genome

Pat Gillevet pat at
Sun May 5 23:39:45 EST 1991

The Harvard Genome Lab is sequencing the entire genome of Mycoplasma
capricolum as a pilot project of the Human Genome Project.
We are looking for any sequence from M. capricolum to
use as start points for the Genomic Walking.  We are looking for short
sequences to construct oligo probes to start the walking process so any
short clean sequence will do.

Contributers will be given access to an online sequence database.
Furthermore, they will be given access to a multiple sequence
editor that has been developed in Xwindows.  The latter can be tied
into any existing program that is running on any platform.  Both of the
above services are offered free to the scientific community.

If enough people are interested we can start a new groupon Bionet
to exchange ideas and results.

 Patrick Gillevet
 Harvard Genome Laboratory
 Harvard University
 The Biological Laboratories
 16 Divinty Ave.
 Cambridge, MA 02138

pat at

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