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Marc Roussel mroussel at
Mon Nov 4 12:25:12 EST 1991

     For the past few days, I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to send
mail to the moderator of bionet.biology.computational.  When that
failed, I tried to send mail to kristoff at in order to
straighten myself out.  In both cases, I met with the infamous "User
unknown" message.  "Fine," I thought, "I'll just send mail to
postmaster at, and he'll send me a valid email address for
someone who knows what's going on."  Well it turns out that postmaster
is also an unknown user at genbank.  I know that I am connecting to
genbank by putting my mailer in verbose mode.  Is there something wrong
with genbank?  Can someone send me either a valid genbank address or the
address of the moderator?
     Thanks in advance for any help you can render.


				Marc R. Roussel
                                mroussel at

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