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>Craig Shergold is 7 years old and is suffering from terminal cancer. It is one
>of his wishes to be included in the Guiness Book of Records with the largest
>number of business cards ever collected by one person.

 B     B   U    U   L        L         SSSS    H    H      I      TTTTT
 B     B   U    U   L        L        S        H    H      I        T
 BBBBBB    U    U   L        L         SSSS    HHHHHH      I        T
 B     B   U    U   L        L             S   H    H      I        T
 B     B   U    U   L        L        S    S   H    H      I        T
 BBBBBB     UUUU    LLLLLL   LLLLLL    SSSS    H    H      I        T

Craig did once ask for postcards (not business cards) several years ago,
and almost choked on them.  He is now healthy and wishes like hell he
were free of this bullshit.  The Guiness folks have done their part by
declining to accept any such dubious "world records" in the future.
This poor bastard has to be one of the most unintentionally famous
people in Christendom.

>Thanks for taking the time to read this message and thanks also from Craig.

Craig says "NOT!".  We now return you to our regularly scheduled flames.

Rob T
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