Scope of polyadenylation

Keith Robison robison at
Sat Nov 23 16:46:37 EST 1991

Dear Netters:

	I had earlier asked "what RNAs are polyadenylated?"  Based on the
replies I've gotten back (thanks to all who posted or mailed replies!)
I would like to expand the question to "What is the scope of polyadenylation?"
I have compiled the following table which summarizes what I know so far:

	Polyadenylated				Not Polyadenylated
------------------------------		--------------------------------
  Nuclear mRNA		except:			histone mRNA
						interferon mRNA

						Nuclear rRNA

  Metozoan mitochondrial mRNA			Land plant mitochondrial RNA
      "           "      rRNA

  Trypanosome kinetoplast mRNA			Land plant chloroplast RNA

						Eubacterial RNA

1)  Can anyone help me expand this table, or find errors?

2)  Does anyone know a reference on the evolution of polyadenylation?

Keith Robison
Harvard University
Program in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

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