Cell Cycle Control Symposium

Fred Boyd Lab Med fred at lenti.med.umn.edu
Mon Nov 18 14:30:02 EST 1991

     I'm surveying a non-scientific non-random sample with the following
     We're organizing a symposium on Cell Cycle Control for next May with 
the following participants- Joan Massague (TGF-beta), David Livingston 
(Large T, Rb), Pat O'Farrell (Cyclins in Drosophila Development), Nancy 
Jenkins (Steel locus i Mouse), Fred Cross (G1 Cyclins), and Tony Hunter 
(Cyclins, etc.).  It will be one day, May 19th.

     If we at the University of Minnesota organized a satellite up-link 
would you be interested in participating in the symposium via tele-conference?
The cost to each down-link site would be about $150 plus your local charges.  

     Please reply to me at fredboyd at bmec.micro.umn.edu (or 612-624-8150 voice)
and forward this message to any other folks you think might be interested.

Fred Boyd, PhD
Assistant Professor
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Cell Biology and Neuroanatomy
University of Minnesota

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