Freedom of Expression

George W Chacko gchacko at
Fri Nov 29 16:30:10 EST 1991

In article <Nov. at> kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:

>Let's "get real," folks.  These newsgroups have been running for over
>five years without anyone using words like "nigger" on them.  When
>this kind of thing happens, when discussion on bionet.molbio.evolution
>falls to this level and goes off on tangents such as the history of
>Haiti and aspersions (joking or otherwise) on Arizona scientists
>because their state did not approve the Martin Luther King holiday,
>when objections about these postings are raised on the newsgroup and
>others start unsubscribing (not everyone is public about it); it is
>perfectly reasonable for the **moderator** to issue a warning.  No one was
>unsubscribed although the    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  threat was definitely made.  

There is something I don't quite understand. Are bionet.molbio.evolution
and bionet.general moderated or not?

When I do a grep /usr/lib/news/active on my machine
here I get in the case of

1- Bionet.m.evolution -> bionet.molbio.evolution 000378 00254 y
2- Bionet.general     -> bionet.general 002026 01747 y

The 'y' trailing these lines indicate that the group is open and not
moderated. The news admin here tells me that these files are kept
up to date. So what's happening here? 



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