Gripes about Silver Platter's MEDLINE database

Roy Smith roy at
Wed Nov 27 12:11:24 EST 1991

	Are ther other people out there who subscribe to Silver Platter's
CD-ROM MEDLINE database?  We got a subscription this past summer.  We were
initially happy with it, but several things have happened to change my
mind.  First, their subscripton service seems to be lousey.  We've only
gotten two of our monthly update disks, and one of those I had to call up
and complain that it was late and they promised to send me out another one
(which they did).  We still havn't gotten our October update, and it's
almost December.  I called once before and was assured it would be sent
soon.  Today, they promised they would FedEx it to me.  They did offer to
extend my subscription 3 months to make up for it, but we would rather have
the updates on time.

	The thing that really has me ticked off, however, is that they now
tell me that Medline Express, the version that lets you search multiple
years at once, won't be available for the Mac for *at least* another year.
We were originally told that it would be out in early 1992.  Having to
search a single year at a time is a major drag, and one of the severest
drawbacks to their software.  From what I can tell, they consider the PC
to be the only important platform, and relegate software development on the
Mac to the back burner.  Since we have virtually all Macs and almost no
PC's, that's a major problem for us.

	I'm interested in hearing from other Silver Platter MEDLINE
subscribers about how they feel about the service they get.  Part of the
problem with this business seems to be that there just isn't enough
competition.  The only other people who make MEDLINE for the Mac (that I
know of) is Aries Systems, who seem to have a very nice product, but are
far more expensive, and don't provide the depth of coverage Silver Platter
does (i.e. are limited to he most recent 10 years).
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