Information request

Thu Nov 14 17:23:49 EST 1991

I would like to ask for some information.

I work within a research program directed to define strategies for the
conservation of biological diversity in the Amazon and Orinoco regions of
Colombia, based on its biogeographical knowledge. In the first phase we
are compiling secondary information at national and international level,
so to establish our present knowledge about distribution of vertebrate
fauna (fishes, amphibians, eptiles, birds and mammals) in these regions
based on sampling localities. I would greatly appreciate any information
you or your institution has about Colombian vertebrate fauna specially
about orinoco and Amazon regions. Our data base is at first hand interes-
ted in the following information about species:

1. Species
2. Subspecies
3. Collector's name
4. Describer's name and date of description
5. Museum reference number
6. Geographical locality of collection
  (Geographical coordenates if available)

 This data base will be of open access to any national or international
 individual or institution. I would also appreciate any additional infor-
 mation of references of other people or institutions that may help us in
 the recopilation process of secondary information or any aother informa-
 tion that you think may be helpful.  Anyone who is interested or who has
 the information requested please contact me at <AESPINEL at ANDESCOL>.

 I thank you for your help and hope to hear from you soon

 Yours sincerely: Nicole Valenzuela.

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