Research Position in Medical Information Systems at VA GRECC

Jerome Soller at
Tue Nov 19 00:22:05 EST 1991

	The Salt Lake City VA GRECC requested that I post the following
notice.  Please forward this message to any interested researchers.
					Jerome B. Soller
					Salt Lake City VA Regional
					Information Systems Center

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	The Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs GRECC(Geriatric, Research,
Education, and Clinical Center) has an opening for a Ph.D. or MD level
senior research position in the area of Medical Information Systems.   
This GRECC is one of 15 GRECCs nationally.  The computer work at the GRECC is
being supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs Salt Lake City VA 
Regional Information Systems Center (one of 7 national R and D centers for 
the VA specializing in information systems) and the Salt Lake City Veterans 
Affairs Hospital's IRMS division.  The Department of Veterans Affairs  has 
172 hospitals nationwide, all combined into the DHCP database.  Because these
hospitals serve millions of patients each year, the opportunity exists for 
analysis of huge data sets, otherwise unavailable.
	The GRECC encourages its researchers to pursue joint research with 
other research groups at the U. of Utah.  Opportunities for joint research 
include the following:
1) Computer Science(Strength areas include expert systems tools, graphics, 
	integrated circuit design, robotic/vision, parallel numerical 
	modelling, etc..,) 
2) Medical Informatics(Projects include the Help Expert System, the Iliad 
	Expert System, semantic networks, and support of the Library of
	Medicine's Unified Medical Language System.  The Department of
	Nursing Informatics complements the Department of Medical Informatics,
	but with an emphasis on nursing systems.)  
3) Bioengineering(Has many neuroprosthetic projects.) 
4) Human Genetics(Has just established a 50 million dollar research center 
	and has its own computer research group.)
5) Anesthesiology (Has an industrially supported neural network research 
6) The Center for Engineering Design(Creators of the Utah/MIT dextrous hand, 
	the Utah Arm, and medical devices.)
7) The Cognitive Science Program, which is in its formative stages.
	Candidates for this position should have knowledge and 
demonstrated research in many of the following areas with an emphasis or 
potential applicability to medical applications: databases, digital signal 
processing, instrumentation, expert systems, statistics, time series 
analysis, fuzzy logic, neural networks, parallel computation, physiological 
and neural modelling, and data fusion.  Candidates for this position must be 
U.S. citizens.    
	To apply, send or fax your curriculum vitae to 
Dr. Gerald Rothstein, 
Director of the GRECC
Mail Code 182
500 Foothill Boulevard
Salt Lake City, Utah 84148

Phone Number: (801) 582-1565 extension 2475
Fax Number: (801) 583-7338

					Dr. Gerald Rothstein
					Director, Salt Lake City VA GRECC

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