PAM substition matrices...

Tue Nov 19 16:50:00 EST 1991

Denis Tang, in message <9111192030.AA07560 at>, asks
>   Does anyome know about the exact definition of "PAM" wich I think is
> a term that refers to substitution matrices.
>   Is there any program existing that could generate one from sequences
> that one has?  If there are such programs, where can we get them!

May I suggest you consult the following recent references.

editor = "Russell F. Doolittle",
title = "Methods Enzymol.",
year = 1990,
volume = "183",
booktitle = "Molecular Evolution: Computer Analysis of Protein and Nucleic
Acid Sequences",
publisher = "Academic Press, Inc.",
address = "San Diego, CA"}

author = "Stephen F. Altschul",
title = "Amino Acid Substitution Matrices from an Information Theoretic
year = 1991,
journal = "J. Mol. Biol.",
volume = "219",
pages = "555-565"}

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