Dataless entries in EMBL,GenBank

Jamie Hayden jeh at REPLICON.LANL.GOV
Fri Nov 15 12:02:45 EST 1991

Dear Dr. Kyne,

Such dataless entries will *not* be seen in the future.

The case which you have noted involved some confusion best not
dredged up, but the result of which was that we did not have a
usable data set at the time of publication.  We received so 
many queries for the data, however, that the entry you note was
put up on the servers.  When the true data set was released,
this fictional entry was neglected, whereas it should have, and
has since been, removed.

If you have further questions regarding this or other entries 
and/or policies, do not hesitate to write.


Jamie Hayden
GenBank, Los Alamos
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