Re-Post of Survey for ABI/ALF users

Wed Nov 20 19:20:00 EST 1991

Sorry to clutter your mail but I'm still curious to know who in
addition to the 20 individuals who already replied are out there
in beautiful "netland" that have automated DNA sequencing 
If you have any such fluorescent sequencing instrumentation, i.e. ABI,
Pharmacia, Dupont, etc, *PLEASE* send me a short note telling:

1. what instrument you have.
2. who the main contact person would be.
3. any comments regarding use, problems, good things to say, etc.
4. does the main contact person want their name included in a list
   of e-mail addresses?

My purpose of this posting is to find out the e-mail addresses of
fluorescent sequencing instrument users and possibily open a dialog
among ourselves to share information which we all may find helpful.

Those who already replied will be sent a list of others early next week.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the automated fluorescent
sequencing instrument manufacturers, will keep your replys in strictest
confidence, and will only broadcast your e-mail address if you answer
YES to question 4 above.

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