Current discussion on the formation of sci.engr.biomed

Bill Noe wnoe at
Tue Nov 12 16:47:59 EST 1991

There is a current news.groups discussion of the formation of a newsgroup
(sci.engr.biomed) to provide a forum for the discussion of bio-engineering.
During the course of this discussion, one of the participants suggested the
compilation of a list of people in favor of such a group.  In summary, I 
volunteered to maintain such a list, and would, therefore, call it to your
attention.  If you are in favor of the creation of this group, please send 
your name and e-mail address in order that you might be included on "THE

I apologize for the interruption of your normal discussions, but I thought
that in order for the list to actually reflect the existing interest, likely
users should be made aware of its existence.

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