Islating Telomerase

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ming at ZEUS.VETSCI.WISC.EDU ("Ding Ming") writes:

>........... I was thinking  that maybe you can do a 2-dimensional gel 
>>electrophoresis of the  protein extracted from the cells, and then 
>>try to add an RNA oligo  which corresponds to the portion of the 
>>human RNA component of  telomerase that we know ( TTGGGG ?). Since 
>>the RNA is associated with  the protein in vivo it might bind to it 
>>on a gel. Thus if you label  the oligo, you might be able to 
>>identify the protein blot ?? 
>> 					Wael Haddara
>Dear Wael,

>  The second dimentional run of 2D PAGE is usually done as SDS-PAGE. 
>The gel column which is taken from IEF tube has to be treated under 
>denaturation condition before it is loaded. It is hard to beleive 
>that the association between the protein and the RNA component still 
>exists except the RNA is covalently bond to the protein or the 
>association site in the protein is only one or a very few of amino 
>acid residues which connected to each other in sequence.


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	It might be possible to attempt this experiment if you first 
use UV-induced cross-linking to covalently tether the telomerase to the RNA.

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