Spinal Meningitis

alistair e campbell aec at acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri Nov 8 00:17:15 EST 1991

I am not a reader of this newsgroup... in fact I am really a computer
scientist, but a friend of mine is looking for references to papers on
Spinal Meningitis (did I spell that right?).  If you would e-mail me
any you can think of, I would be most appreciative....  I am
particularly looking for papers relating to the way the disease causes
deafness (she's working on a master's in deaf education), but any reference
at all would be extremely helpful.  Thank you!

While I'm at it, does anyone know of a newsgroup or e-mail list on
bitnet or internet which concerns itself with deafness in any way?

E-mail me at:
Alistair Campbell   

aec at cs.buffalo.edu               <-- internet
aec at SUNYBCS                      <-- bitnet
...rutgers!cs.buffalo.edu!aec    <-- uucp

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