RFD: sci.engr.biomed

Brett Kottmann bkottmann at falcon.aamrl.wpafb.af.mil
Tue Nov 5 13:50:20 EST 1991

	This is a request for discussion (RFD) about creating a new group


	The purpose of the group is to facilitate discussions and the exchange
of information pertaining to the field of Biomedical Engineering.
	Included in this is the debate over methods, implementation, costs,
etc., but does not include debates over the "morality" or "ethics" of any idea
or project.  Discussions of that nature should take place in newsgroups
specifically created for that purpose.

Charter: [preliminary]

	sci.engr.biomed is a newsgroup that exists for the use of those who
wish to discuss matters pertaining to Biomedical Engineering, exchange
information, and provide announcements of events and systems of interest to
those in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

	The discussion period shall begin today, November 5th, and last until
December 6th, 1991.
	If a consenus on name and purpose of the group is reached, a CFV will
be issued on or about December 9th, 1991.

	ALL discussion shall take place in news.groups and not in the related
groups included in this cross post.

The opinions and views expressed here are strictly my own and do not 
necessarily reflect the official position of either the U.S. Air Force 
or its contractors.

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