Fri Nov 8 11:38:47 EST 1991

1st electronic announcement (8th Nov 1991)

		King's College University of London

	        Molecular Biology Sequence Analysis
		(Using the Wisconsin GCG Software)

	A one day workshop for bench molecular biologists
	     with little or no computing experience.

		File Handling			Database Searching
		GCG Graphics			Patterns in Sequences
		Sequence Comparison		Other Resources

Date : Tuesday January 14th 1992
Place: Kings College London  (UK)
Fee  : Two Hundred Pounds

	Places are limited : Hands on experience is the priority
	     GCG Version 7 : Lunch and coffee included

Reservations via:- Continuing Education Unit
		   King's College London
		   Cornwall House Annexe
		   Waterloo Road
		   London SE1 8TX
		phone 071 872 3055/3056

Electronic requests for further information via UK.AC.KCL.CC.HAZEL::UDAA420

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