Islating Telomerase

whaddara at whaddara at
Wed Nov 13 10:55:12 EST 1991

	Hello, everyone
	I was thinking about Telomerase the other day ( becase of an 
essay I have to write for one of my courses), and I was basically 
thinking of a way to isolate it. Since Telomerase is expressed in HeLa 
cells and 293 cells, but not in human somatic cells I was thinking 
that maybe you can do a 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis of the 
protein extracted from the cells, and then try to add an RNA oligo 
which corresponds to the portion of the human RNA component of 
telomerase that we know ( TTGGGG ?). Since the RNA is associated with 
the protein in vivo it might bind to it on a gel. Thus if you label 
the oligo, you might be able to identify the protein blot ??
	Does anyone know if something like this would work ? Excuse my 
ignoranc if this turns out to be too simplistic or naive :-)

					Wael Haddara

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