George W Chacko gchacko at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Fri Oct 18 13:30:00 EST 1991

In article <9110181758.AA07548 at genbank.bio.net> cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM ("Cliff Pickover") writes:
>A note of apology
>Professor Laura Hoopes notified me that she did not find my query about
>the messages coded in the DNA sequences appropriate.  My intent was only
>to learn more about information theory and how one might code messages
>using 4 nucleic acid bases for the basis of an article I was writing.
>The information that Laura considered inappropriate for me to post came
>from OMNI magazine and it regarded the DNA messages that coded for a
>particular image that Harvard geneticist Dana Boyd created.
>I am so sorry if I reported on something that was offensive.  I planned
>to discuss this in an article I'm writing, but Laura's note has reminded
>me that I should be more sensitive and therefore omit the detail that
>may be offensive to readers.

It seemed quite clear that you weren't responsible for Dana Boyd's work
and while  apologising is entirely to your credit I'm not sure that 
omitting details in future is a good idea. The purpose of these networks'is 
to disseminate information, some of which might well be offensive to
others (and often with good reason). However, I don't believe that anyone
should be able to decide what is appropriate for someone else to post.
Additionally, you were merely reporting an event and this *is* an unmoderated
newsgroup (correct me if I'm wrong, someone).


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