Patenting sequences

scolnipa at scolnipa at
Wed Oct 9 16:11:07 EST 1991

It seems that some people are offended about the practice of patenting
primary sequences.  I doubt these patents would hold up too well in
court if challenged.  However, it seems to me that once more the U.S.A is
bearing the bulk of the cost for the human genome initiative, at a time
of humongous budget deficits and money shortages for all sort of scientific 
initiatives.  The sequences coming out of the genome project will
undoubtedly be used by our competitor nations, who are very adept at the D 
part of R&D, to develop all sort of pharmaceutical products.  Shouldn't they 
help defray the cost of this research?  And if patents are not the way to do 
it, what else is available?

Disclaimer: as usual (personal opinion, no involvement with HUGO, etc).

P. A. Scolnik

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