GenBank Errors

Paul Gilna pgil at HISTONE.LANL.GOV
Fri Oct 18 12:54:42 EST 1991

I will have to give a quick reply on this because, though an important
issue close to my heart, I have more pressing priorities within the
GenBank project at my heels right now.

Suffice to say the following;

The matter of detection and correction of errors in Genbank is by no
means closed, and there is no sense in which we have deliberately tried
to abbrogate or distance ourselves from these responsibilities, nor do
we wish to provide a plethora of excuses as to why such errors might
exist. Indeed we reagard it as a mark of success that the complaints
regarding Genbank have now turned to focus on errors in, rather than on
availability of the data.

I've been chastised for this before, yet I'll stand by it still:
"quality" in a service of this nature MUST start with completeness and
timliness, for without that, depth and breadth of annotation is a
hollow quality.

We do not yet claim to have solved completly to our satisfaction those
two issues, yet we have made such profound strides in our performance
in this area, that now and only now can we even begin to focus
specifically on the areas of accuracy and error detection, knowing that
we can do so without impairing our delivery of data to the community.
Even here we would only claim to have made a start, eg vector sequence
checking of all submitted data, but it is a start and the situation can
only improve from here on in.


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