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>	You raise several important points which both you and I know
>relate directly to plans made by NCBI for an unmerged backbone
>database upon which will reside several different "views," e.g.,
>hopefully including the merged view which you advocate.  Why does
>GenBank come in for such close public scrutiny but others are not even
>mentioned by name?????????????????????

You are right, I know that.  The thing is, I tend to think of GenBank as a
single whole, including all of the international collaboration and also the
NCBI staff.  The issues are timeless.

>	I hope you all note that the NCBI staff has been very quiet
>through all of this exchange and, with the past exceptions of Dennis
>Benson announcing the NCBI CDROM and the extremely helpful BLAST team
>(Altschul and Gish), have not raised their heads up out of their
>foxholes on any bionet newsgroup discussions.  I appreciate the fact
>that they might not want to be diverted from their important work, but
>one would think that at least some of the staff there might have a few
>thoughts on issues like these to share with the rest of the community.

I had some email communication with David Lipman and we planned to get
together to discuss issues.  But I feel as you do that it would be far
better to have the discussion in public, where more people can contribute.
So, David and friends, come on out please!  In particular, I would like
to see some precise counter arguments to my statements on merges made
in my long posting from today (if you can make them).

In other words, you are taking the position of the Historian, and I as the
Biologist see ENORMOUS trouble ahead as a result.  Do you have merge software
actively running now?  Do you plan to demonstrate it in the next year?  If you
have it, how come you have not reported and corrected the Tn5 inconsistency?

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