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>	(last time i tried this-this worked well.  let's see if we can 
>	 get lucky twice, this time for a classmate...)
>	i am looking for references in relation to 'persistant viruses.'
>	in english.  the references my classmate keeps finding are in
>	russian-which she doesn't speak or read.  
Levine, Arnold J.
1991	Viruses.  Scientific American Library, New York.

It's not clear to me what level of reference you want
(encyclopedia article?  clinical literature?  ...?),
but *Viruses* is an accurate exposition which is ac-
cessible in two sense:
1.  it has a national promotional budget, a rare
    thing for a science book, so there's a chance
    one of your better local booksellers will
    have it in stock.  In any case, W. H. Freeman
    are happy to deliver it to your hands; and
2.  it's a good popularization, with lots of
    illustrations, good SciAm-style editing (as
    is typical of their biology articles, and in
    contrast to what they do to mathematics or
    economics, say), and a sound organization.

    Worst thing about the book:  it's a stand-
    alone utility.  Its references to literature
    outside itself are essentially useless.

Levine gives particular attention to persistent viruses,
although the index has no entry for "persistent".  I'm
not sure that he ever uses that label; the discussion I
remember occurs under the rubric of "latency".

Does this help?

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