SWAIS (Simple WAIS interface) at quake.think.com

Rob Harper harper at nic.funet.fi
Wed Oct 2 06:44:18 EST 1991

In <emu-ov07.1991.0930.215432.abd4 at uk.ac.ncl.mts> 
Ethan.Hack at newcastle.ac.uk writes:

*RNIC>I'm not sure about "every known source"--they don't list any at
*RNIC>nic.funet.fi--but there are 80 accessible via telnet to

  When you make up sources there is a chance to include a -register
  option which will register your sources with Thinking Machines in
  their "directory of servers". I have not done this so that is why
  the "bionic" sources are not available when you telnet into 

  Brewster Kahle has been in contact with me and he would like to
  include the bionic sources on CM's mother_of_all_sources.

  At the moment there are 83 sources available for query via the
  SWAIS (Simple Wais dumb terminal interface) from quake.think.com
  If sources continue to expand then there needs to be some way for
  biologists to zoom in on sources that are of particular interest
  to them. The NIC toc.src does not say much to those not in the "know"
  So we have been thinking of adding a prefix to all our sources...
  some suggestions so far are: 
  nic=Finnish National Information Centre
  emb=European molecular biology
  Which would provide visual hooks so you can see at a glance that this
  source might be of interest to you. Anyway it will take some
  time to restructure and rename the sources... but once that is 
  done I will register them with Thinking machines.



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