Two wais databases available

Thon de Boer deboer at
Thu Oct 10 13:18:41 EST 1991

I have put up a WAIS server at our site.
It contains of two databases.
The first is the EC enzyme database of Amos Bairoch (Version 6.00),
containing all registered enzymes.
Their is already a server which contains this database but my server is a
bit different. I have hacked waisindex, waisserver and waissearch not to
think of a dot "." as a seperator. So the EC enzyme database can now be
searched with a EC entry number ( etc.) as a keyword.
A small problem is now that words at the end of a sentence are indexed with
the dot, so this is important to keep in mind when using keywords.

The second database is the CompoundKB database of NCBI's Peter Karp.
This database describes 981 compounds of intermediary metabolism.
It is indexed in the normal way.

The adres of the server is :
                    TCP port 9000

EC enzyme database = "ec"
CompoundKB database = "compounds"

The databases are (not yet) registered at the CM at so it
can't be reached by the wais server there (yet)

Thon de Boer

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