Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Fri Oct 25 10:38:00 EST 1991

>Recently, I posted an article listing reasons why I think it is essential
>that each feature in the FEATURES table should include a unique label.
>Two more recent postings prompt me to expand upon this idea
>Brian Fristensky

        It is extremely difficult to deal will FEATURES in an accurate and
efficient manner for submissions via the ASCII form (both on the preparation
and processing sides).  What is the status of plans to port AUTHORIN or it's
sequel beyond PC and MAC platforms to Unix and VMS?

        Absence of such plans would be a serious error of omission (as opposed
to errors of commmisssssion which can be reported to the database developers'
bboards for correction).  Isn't it penny wise but pound foolish not to expend
at least some of the funds allocated for database development to provide
mechanisms for immediate error checking and directly machine readable
electronic submission from all of the major platforms ASAP?


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