GenBank errors, accountability, reconciliation

George W Chacko gchacko at
Mon Oct 21 09:51:34 EST 1991

In article <9110191820.AA02957 at> marr at CSHL.ORG (Thomas G. Marr) writes:

>with his irresponsible, uninformed, and generally ludicrous bellowings
>while he was an official GenBank advisor. His remarks, as noted by
>Jim Cassatt, are erroneous, exagerated, and dangerously close to libel.
>This is precisely the type of behavior that was exhibited by a few vocal,
>highly visible, influential, yet remarkably incompetant individuals which
>led to the current confusion and uncertain nature of the future of the 
>GenBank database. 

..other remarks deleted..

> Furthermore, considering the tarnishing nature
>of his remarks on a widely-read, public electronic service, I suggest that he
>be banned from further use of this service unless he has something 
>substantive or even interesting to say. I think a letter should be sent to the
>Director of NIH by the GenBank staff describing this recent exchange, showing
>her a good example of what happens when the peer review process is 

Considering that Thomas Marr takes such grave exception to the Tom Schneider's
postings, I find it strange that he should resort to name calling in turn.
Furthermore, I believe that suggesting that Tom Schneider, or anyone be banned
from the Usenet is absurd.



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