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Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Wed Oct 23 12:51:57 EST 1991

PARSONS_A at said:
> As I recall in the last article I read (Nature or New Scientist?)
> that in spite of all the supposed usefulness of cagey-carbon
> molecules like buckminsterfullerene that there remains one
> overriding obstacle to their use - they are totally unstable!

Sorry, no they're not. They are stable at room temperature and below,
and up to 1000C under certain conditions. Fullerenes dissolve in a
wide range of solvents and can be coerced into water with the usual
biochemical tricks. I've been using them for several weeks and in my
hands at least are stable for several months dried or in toluene.

The substituted (metal-containing) ones I can't comment on, I haven't
tried any.


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