GenBank errors

Sanjay Kumar at Cold Spring Harbor Lab kumar at CSHL.ORG
Mon Oct 21 09:24:54 EST 1991

I think the debate over genbank errors is good, but is moving
in the *WRONG* direction.  Rather than argue over who said what
about whom,  I think there should be some discussion about
software methods for detecting and correcting errors as well
as the proper way of annotating these errors in the database
entries.  Since many of the people involved in designing and
maintaining the databases read this newsgroup (and those that
didn't probably will now -- at least for the near future), this
is an opportunity for public discussion and input on these 

The databases are valuable to all scientists and they are not 
perfect.  What are ways in which they can be improved? What
software is available for automatically detecting inconsistencies
in the database?   What  kinds of annotations and changes to
database entries are acceptable to the authors that submitted
those entries?   What are the problems (excluding time and money)
faced by the database maintainers?  These are things that I
would be very interested in learning about.

Sanjay Kumar
Cold Spring Harbor Lab
kumar at

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