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David Kristofferson kristoff at
Mon Oct 21 19:57:06 EST 1991

> Why do the
> self-appointed Bionet thought police feel that it is so necessary to stiffle
> such exchanges?

Big Brother here, snap to attention when you read this 8-).  

Not stifle, just point out that something is incorrect when it is
blatantly so (although this would not be apparent to those not
involved with GenBank minutiae).  If people wilt away because they
can't stand the heat of an open exchange, they shouldn't be so bold as
to post their points in the first place.  Tom's a "big boy."  I think
he can take the heat (if not he shouldn't dish it out so liberally

> If some of the lurkers want to resign because they can't stand to see a bit
> passion then I say good riddance!


	I assume that these remarks may be directed my way although
both Jim Cassatt, our project officer, and myself have responded
rather forcefully to the original message of Tom Schneider.

	To follow up on your logic, why don't those who think that
something is "libelous" or incorrect also have a right to express
their opinion????  Seems like the "thought police" argument strikes
both ways 8-).  The fact of the matter is that the remarks made by Tom
in his original posting about the "loss" of the contract were
completely incorrect AND SUBSEQUENTLY WITHDRAWN BY HIM.  Both Los
Alamos and IntelliGenetics have built up a reputation over time and
there is no reason for either of us to sit idlely by and watch it be
attacked without basis.  You'll note in the rest of my response that I
said it was fine for people to criticize us if they had gone through
our regular channels and were not satisfied with our response.  I
never once said that Tom couldn't express his opinion.  I instead
countered that it was incorrect and should be retracted; there *is* a
difference.  That was ***my*** opinion and I have as much right to
express it as anyone else on this system.  Subsequent events proved
its correctness.

	Regarding PASSION, the point of these newsgroups (again in my
*opinion*, I'm not dictating) is to exchange *information*, not simply
to see how worked up everyone can get in order to make for interesting
reading.  That kind of thing can be found in the National Enquirer and
"the rest of USENET."  The fact that we are "dull" compared to the
rest of USENET I personally take almost as a compliment.  I assume
that you have heard the old line about Aristotle: "I love Aristotle
because he is so dry 8-)!."

	Regarding why I have not responded to the many other points
raised: I'm still working on GenPept release 69 right now.  The above
struck a little too close to home to ignore though.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at

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