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dr.Borut B. Lavrencic lavrencic at ijs.ac.mail.yu
Thu Oct 3 12:41:17 EST 1991

            FROM: Prof.  Dr. Davor Juretic
            Department of Physics
            (Filozofski Fakultet)
            University of Split.
            Nikole Tezale 12, 58000 Split
            Republic Croatia (Yugoslavia)             Split, Sept 30, 1991.
            Fax: +38 58 587009

            Dear Colleague,

                 I am the menber of US Biophysical Society from 1976. I must
            apologize for taking your time to tell you about war in Croatia,
            but I am sure that you have been concerned and may be even
            perplexed with news from Yugoslavia. This war started about one
            year ago just after democratic government was elected in *croatia.
            Since then communist attacks from Serbia have., been constantly
            increasing in intensity.  Yugoslav federal army has taken the side
            of communist Serbia.
                You may not be aware that military coup has taken place in
            Yugoslavia, so that Yugoslav president Mr.Mesic and chief of the
            government Mr. Markovic are only laughed on when they dismiss
            generals and order the army to stop this war.  Generals sign each
            peace accord, but than in accord with Serbian communist leader Mr
            Milosevic continue with even more brutal attacks on Croatia.  They
            have even formed their own communist party with "save Yugoslavia"
            program and every active officer is required to join it.  Yugoslav
            federal army is now for all practical purposes Serbian communist
            army with associated terrorist naz*i units (Cetniks).
                More than 100 towns and villages in Croatia have suffered
            bombardments from airplanes, tanks, mortars, rockets, and even
            warships here on the coast and 250000 citizens were forced to
            abandon their homes. 160 cultural monuments of primary national
            importance for Croatia are in ruins now including 73 catholic
            churches.  Usual army practice in this dirty war is to approach a
            village or town in Croatia at 5 miles distance and than to
            annihilate, by using multiple rocket launchers, all churches,
            hospitals,   museums, scientific,   educational   and   industrial
            establishements.  For instance, the world famous cathedral in
            Sibenik of    incomparable beauty,      which was built before
            Christopher Columbus discovered America, was recently aimed and
            hit repeatedly by tank fire, warship guns and airplane rockets.
                By combination of terror and military attack Serbia has
            already succeeded to "clean up" about 30*% of the land in Croatia
            from Croats.  One such Serbian enclave in western Croatia is now
            called a province of Serbia: Krajina. Krajina is one of three
            Serbian "states" that communists established inside Croatia.  Any
            similarity with Kuwait that suddenly became "forever" the 19-th
            province of Irak is intentional.  But similarity ends after
            occupation.  After occupation of a village or town survivors are
            as a rule tortured in order to put fear in still unoccupied parts
            of Croatia.  In some villages (Dalj, Cetekovci .... ) all remaining
            were massacred.

                 Since lies are often faster than truth you may have heard a
            different story.  The truth about war crimes committed by
            communist army and associated Serbian terrorist units in Croatia
            is the first victim in this war.  Up to now nine reporters from
            different European nations have been killed (one after torture)
            and many wounded for trying to report truth from fronts in
                 In spite of much intentional obfuscation about events here
            the truth is very simple. Croats are forced into unequal fight to
            defend *thisir freedom, democracy and *rnow their bare lives from
            communist Serbia. Serbians in Croatia (about 12% of our
            population) were never oppressed here.  On the contrary they had
            positions of power in old and in now Yugoslavia as well.  Serbian
            communists still skillfully use all federal institutions in
            Yugoslavia to promote their goal of crating Greater Serbia at the
            expense of her neighbors.  In the present situation supporting the
            phantom state of Yugoslavia means supporting communist generals
            in barbaric annihilation of Croatia.  To leave democratic Croatia
            to fight unarmed and unrecognized by international community with
            mighty military machine of Serbian communist army is abhorrent
            and will only lead to worse and worse wars in Europe.
                Mr Warren Zimmerman, US ambassador in Belgrade, and other US
            officials, may still be in the business of saving Yugoslavia, but
            there is no nation here who still wants to save that evil Serbian
            empire from breaking up.  In all recent elections the parties with
            "save Yugoslavia" program have attracted only a minuscule
            percentage of the total vote. The Serbian nation is the most
            determined in flagrant disobedience of Yugoslav constitution.
                We expect from our friends in Us to oppose the formation of
            third Yugoslavia, with pacified Croats, as a goal for US policy.
            Such policy is both immoral and unrealistic.  At the end of Second
            World war communists killed close to 100000 Croats so that
            Yugoslavia may live.  How many thousands or hundred thousands of
            Croatian lives will be needed this time to satiate Yugoslav
            Moloch of war ? Even Serbians are oppressed and struggling to get
            free from the stinking corpse of Yugoslavia.  All relationships
            with Yugoslavia should be frozen.  That act and the recognition of
            Croatia and Slovenia, but not communist Serbia, until she returns
            all occupied territories in Croatia and stops with further
            attacks on her neighbors,  is the only US policy that can arrest
            the carnage here. I know  that you personally and your country
            will stand up for right,   for law and for a chance to develop
            learning and human spirit.  You can help us to stop destruction of
            all that is valuable to both of us.

                                                          Davor Juretic

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