LDL receptor/FH intron sequences

ivind Braaten oivindb at ulrik.uio.no
Mon Oct 21 09:31:06 EST 1991

  I forward the following letter for one of my colleagues:

  Request for 
   genomic sequences of Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor Gene
                        Familial Hypercholesterolemia Gene

   Some sequences have been published and are available through
the Genbank/ EMBL databases. If some group/ lab have further,
unpublished sequences, and would be willing to share this 
information, we would be most interested.
   Please contact us at 

     oivindb at ulrik.uio.no


Jan Chr Pedersen,
Institute of Medical Genetics,
University of Oslo,
PB 1036, Blindern,
0315 OSLO 3,

Phone: 095 46 2 85 41 15
FAX:   095 46 2 85 40 36

  Thanks in advance,

  \ivind                  Jan Chr Pedersen

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