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>I have enjoyed the recent exchange [over errors in Genbank] and I
>hope the discussion of errors in GenBank continues. 
...[comments deleted]
>Considering all of the
>important and controversial issues that are being debated in the biological
>community I think that we should be ashamed that they are not covered on
>Bionet but are common in, and several other groups.
...[comments deleted]
>If some of the lurkers want to resign because they can't stand to see a bit
>passion then I say good riddance! 

Just my opinion:

(1) I think and are a waste of time.  If the
bionet newsgroups should become more like them, I will stop reading
and posting to them.

(2) I currently find the bionet newsgroups very useful, and if (1)
should come to pass, I will be most unhappy.

(3) I am not a lurker.  I will not resign unless the bionet groups
degenerate into what I see as garbage.  I suggest an alternative;
those who like and use those groups.  Leave the
bionet groups to those of us who are interested in the dispassionate,
professional groups that they are.

(4) This is not to say improvement of the bionet groups is impossible.
To make them more like is not, in my opinion, an improvement.

(5) If your post was an elaborate joke that I missed, I apologize.

(6) I apologize for the wasted space, but I could not let this threat
to the bionet groups on which I depend go unanswered.

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