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Conrad Halton Halling chh9 at
Wed Oct 23 18:57:43 EST 1991

I want to endorse David Kristofferson's efforts to keep BIOSCI/bionet
going and I want to thank him and others for what they have accomplished
in the past.

I am a coauthor on a paper (just submitted) describing results that could
not have been achieved without the use of the FASTA server, the ability
to obtain sequences from GenBank by e-mail, and the ability to search
the databases using IRX via Telnet.  All of these resources are provided
FREE OF CHARGE, which is amazing considering the high cost of research
these days.

I have come across several errors in the database.  For example, I found
several sequences that contained regions from phage Mu; in those cases,
I wrote directly to the authors informing them of the problems.  Shortly
thereafter, revisions to the sequences appeared in GenBank.  I am currently
aware of at least two errors in GenBank that are (ahem, cough, cough) my
fault.  (Fortunately, no one has noticed, yet, but I will correct them soon.)

I have also noted other problems which I have reported directly to
GenBank (the latest being the one I reported in this news group, concerning
accession M80245 "Sequence of Bacillus subtilis chromosome").  The staff
at GenBank have invariably replied promptly and courteously, and the problems
were soon corrected (including M80245).  The staff at GenBank are always
eager to correct any problems they know about.

Conrad Halling
c-halling at

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