GenBank errors, accountability, reconciliation

Marc Roussel mroussel at
Mon Oct 21 11:43:39 EST 1991

In article <9110191820.AA02957 at> marr at CSHL.ORG (Thomas G. Marr) writes:
>Furthermore, considering the tarnishing nature
>of his remarks on a widely-read, public electronic service, I suggest that he
>be banned from further use of this service unless he has something 
>substantive or even interesting to say.

     I think that this is a dangerous idea.  Whether or not you think
that Tom's comments were appropriate, he has kicked off a debate which
many now seem to be joining.  Who among us has not occasionally taken an
unpopular stance?  Who would remain to discuss important issues in a sanitized
     If Tom has libeled someone, he should be pursued in a court of law
and that body should determine how best he should be punished.
Otherwise, only his home institution should determine his level of
network access as they pay for this access.  We should not take it upon
ourselves to be judge, jury and executioner.


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