the world's most cited scientists

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In a previous article, fwang at () says:

>The world's most cited scientist during 1981-1990.
>Dr. Joachim Messing, Molecular Biology of Rutgers University is the world's
>most cited scientist (average per publication) during 1981-1990.
>Dr. Messing published 35 papers with citations of 18,229, an average of
>521 per paper.

[the rest is deleted]

I assume that the majority of Dr. Messing's citations concern the
wonderful M13 vectors he created along with Jeff Viera.  Without
doubt, the M13 method of mutagenesis truly revolutionized molecular
biology (this comes from someone who has used the Morinaga hetero-
duplex method on a couple of occasions!).

Maybe we should compile a list of list of techniques that have
"revolutionized" molecular biology over the last decade.

For starters, we have M13 mutagenesis and PCR.  

I look forward to the ensuing discussion.

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